I Love, Therefore I Recommend (a Net Promoter Love Story)


The ultimate question: would you recommend us to a friend?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been studying the works and theory of loyalty expert Fred Reichheld. Founder of Bain & Company‘s loyalty practice, Reichheld pioneered the quantifiable connection between loyalty, profits, and growth (see Net Promoter Score).

Midway through Reichheld’s book The Ultimate Question, I tested my own consumer passion. What brands, products (or experiences) do I purchase and recommend to other people? I self-imposed a five minute time limit, and the following 13 faves emerged.

Here they are (in alphabetical) order along with at least one reason I’ve recommended them.  It shouldn’t take you long to figure out that I’m a multi-tasking career mom. At the end of the list you’ll find a handful of useful links about customer loyalty and NPS.

Amazon.com Prime I have a secret reason for really, really loving Amazon.com Prime. As someone who invariably puts off buying gifts, the two day delivery keeps my reputation in tact. Shhh. Don’t tell my mother.

Borders Borders’ Members Rewards program does what other bookstore program don’t. It draws me into the every week. Barnes & Noble will often run online-only promos, but I know my weekly Borders email will let me use the coupon in-store or otherwise.

Burts BeesI don’t love Burt’s Bees because it’s nearly 100% natural. Two of its hair care products work miracles on my fine-textured hair. When a girl finds something that her hair likes, there’s no breaking up that relationship.

CloroxClorox, I love you for very specific reasons.  #1, your packaging keeps the wipes from drying out. #2, you don’t leave my counters smeary. And #3, you’ve figured out how to make bleach smell good. Bravo.

CVS PharmacyLet’s face it — when you need a pharmacy, you aren’t in the mood to wait or jump through hoops. CVS does 3 things that other pharmacies (and discount retailers) haven’t mastered:  #1, simple prescription drop off, pick-up and payment; #2, quick turnaround; and #3, highly personable (engaged) pharmacy and store staff.

DiGiorno Shredded CheeseHere’s all you need to know: DiGiorno’s Shredded Cheese looks and tastes like shredded hard cheese is supposed to.  (Well done, Kraft, for segmenting your market’s tastes)


Any pre-packaged chicken that can fool my mother-in-law into thinking I made it, is a product I recommend to all my working-mom friends.


In the words of a Yelp reviewer, “If Bruce Wayne became a winemaker instead of a crime-fighter, he would have created Jarvis.”  This small Napa winery gives tours by appointment only, and I rank it as a must-do.  The tour experience is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and the wines are dee-lish (albeit not cheap).


I’ve tired a lot of exercise formats, gyms and trends over the last 20-ish years. Nothing has done more for my health, spirit, and gluteus maximus than Jazzercise. Ask my BFF @CaskeyChick, who is hooked thanks to yours truly.


I love my Keens so much that I photograph my own feet. Hey, we all do weird things. Seriously — Keens are groovy enough to stand out from a crowd, and if my summer pedicure isn’t just-painted fresh, you’ll never know (thanks to my Keens). It’s not just a girl thing either; my brother (an avid outdoorsman) won’t wear anything but Keen.

LancomeOne product keeps me coming back to the Lancome counter every other month: Lancome Definicils mascara. I’ve used it for years and, without exception, have found nothing that comes close.


If you look at the Levenger catalog and only see paper, pens and leather — you’ll never understand what makes a Levenger customer tick. Every writer (and reader) deserves something from this cataloguer.

Go figure…after 7 years of trial and (all error), Tony Hawk Gummy Multivitamins are the only thing my son looks forward to taking. We’re so ga-ga about the sour HuckJam Gummies that I go out of my way to WalMart for them.

Yankee Candle Logo

In the words of Michael Scott (The Office): “candles are the number one fastest growing product in the scent-aroma market.”  That may be, but the only ones worth my money are Yankee. The scents are so realistic it’s creepy, and the burn time makes you forget that these things aren’t cheap.

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