Social Accountability: 1 of 6 Building Blocks in a Social Change Framework


The Language of Social Accountability. Can you put words to desired outcomes? COMING TO TERMS.  Wittgenstein argued that language shapes what is possible. In terms of Social Accountability, can we do better at linking actions and expectations to concrete outcomes?

It’s not unusual to grapple with accountability in both our organizations and our personal lives. More often than not, it’s about taking ownership and following through on commitments.

So what makes accountability is social ecosystems so difficult?

For starters, it’s a numbers game. A community has lots of people with lots of different opinions. That diversity of thinking can foster resilience but it can also block consensus, making it hard to establish common ground.  Add the nuances of culture and language, and it’s no wonder social change is fraught with confusion. It’s a virtual Tower of Babel. Just ask America’s Founding Fathers; even with shared interests and goals, finding a viable long-term structure them took decades.

Not everyone loves semantics, I know…

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