Foundations: Social Media for Social Change [8/28 1pET]

Shame on me for not sharing #SMchat more more of the people I know on Twitter. It remains one of the most authentic, high return-on–time things I do in the Twittersphere.


Focus on Social Change

Last month we made great progress on what social change might look like through a social media lens. We had an in-depth, hour-long discussion on key factors and enablers.

Because this could help reinforce the foundation for our series, I’ve completed a deep read of our 7/24 #smchat transcript, capturing some highlights. I tried to provide attribution to key ideas too; if you’re thinking “Wait, that’s not what I meant!” .. let me know, and I’ll make updates.

Where do we begin?

The start of a Social Change definition might look like this:

Social change using social media requires engaging, empowering and connecting a community to reach a goal, making a statement and difference (any means) (Kelly B)

Here are some more key takeaways from the same transcript:

  • Social change is organic, starting with people (Marc)
  • Social change requires visible impact and it must be…

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