Take the WTH Out of Health Reform

For months, I’ve been shielding a dark and embarrassing secret. I feared cocktail parties, lunch conversations, pre-meeting chatter. The thought of being discovered nearly drove me mad.

I was, for all intents and purposes, a health care reform idiot. I felt confused, ill informed and grossly unprepared to assess either version of the proposed legislation.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon the headline that set me free:

You’re Not Stupid If You Don’t Understand Health Care Reform

Apparently I’m not the only dummy after all.  I had wrongly assumed that a firm stance for or against reform was a sign that someone knew more than I did.

Once I began to probe, I discovered that’s not the case at all. Despite a general agreement that health reform is important, less than a third of Americans are closely following the debate.

If only I could revel in the fact that I’m not the only ignoramus.

I resolved to end my confusion and plowed through countless sites, articles, and rants.  I went on a quest to take the WTH (What the Hell) out of the proposed health reform legislation.  I was starving for information in real language sans, of course, political drama.

Rabbit Holes and Questions

My search triggered new questions for every answer it revealed.  Despite my mission to dispel the mystery, I struggled to find straight talk on health reform.  Just as I thought I had a grip on the debate, I’d stumble on yet another subplot wrought with sticky political innuendo.  Ugh.

I no longer feel like a health reform idiot, but I’d hardly call me satisfied.  As a marketer, I understand the holy grail of emotions.  If we only feed on sound bites and snippets of partisan rage, we’ll remain dangerously ignorant.

Below you’ll find news articles and blog coverage that may make the proposed reform a little more digestible. Good luck!

Why The Health Reform Debate is Confusing (CBS) Very smart people are zoning out of the health care reform debate because they think it’s just too complicated. (July 2009)

10 Questions on Health Care Overhaul (Wall Street Journal) Janet Adamy’s excellent summary (July 2009)

What Health Care Overhaul Means To You (NPR) Click on the category that best fits your situation and see what the major proposals currently before Congress would mean for you. (Sept 2009)

A Consumer’s Guide to Health Reform (NPR/Kaiser Health News) Where things stand and how you might be affected. (December 2009)

Charting the Future of Health Care Reform (NPR) Organized in table format, this is a look at what the House has passed, the amended Senate bill — and where the two chambers may clash. Includes a “likelihood scale” of which components will ultimately pass.  (December 2009)

See Where Different Healthcare Industry Groups Stand (Fierce Healthcare, based on a WSJ article) Oct 2009

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2 thoughts on “Take the WTH Out of Health Reform

  1. Trying to understand health care reform is like trying to understand the economy.

    Nobody is really going to know what’s going to happen until it’s implemented, including the authros of the bills.

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