Top 10 Ways I’m Getting Fit After the Holidays

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Photo Credit: Horton Group

I’m intrigued by TwitterMoms (an idea that I sorely wish I’d had first), but this is first time I’ve joined in one of their infamous RamboAlerts. Today’s call-out for writers posed the question: What are your top 10 ways for getting fit after the holidays?

It’s a New Year, so what the hey! Oh yes, I’m shamelessly doing this experiment because it involves a carrot. If Lady Luck is on my side, I could randomly win a copy of EA SPORTS Active™ Personal Trainer.

Although I’d like to think my fitness tips will inspire you, I’ll sweeten the deal.  If I end up being one of the 5 winners, I’ll post a video of me doing Jazzercise on YouTube.

Kelli’s Top 10 Ways She’s Getting Her Arse in Gear

  1. 7 good hours of shut-eye. The kicker: lights out by 11.
    Have you read what Dr. Oz has to say about sleep? For one thing, it does more than just keep the ugly stick away. Now that I’ve rounded the 40-bend, I’m hell-bent on preserving every brain cell I can. Ditto on the importance of sleep for strength, resilience, and energy for my workout.
  2. Water first. Breakfast second. Coffee third.
    Despite my desperation for a cup of the hot stuff as soon as I roll out of bed, I put the java on hold until I’ve downed 8 ounces of the clear stuff.  Ditto on a bowl of oatmeal before I pump caffeine into my veins.
  3. Strap on a pedometer.
    A step is a step is a step, so each morning I grab my pedometer before you can say “hit the snooze button.” The old business adage you can’t manage what you don’t measure applies to moving your feet. My goal: 10,000 steps (workout movement doesn’t count).
  4. Walking my dog to the corner to pee.
    Sure, it may not sound like much, but her bladder is tiny which guarantees a day’s cumulative 500-steps on my trust pedometer.
  5. Jazzercise with my BFF.
    Here’s the deal — I like to shake my groove-thing. I like to kick, wiggle, and do all kinds of ridiculous moves that would draw ridicule on So You Think You Can Dance. But no matter how many trainers, gyms or pieces of equipment I’ve used, I always come back to Jazzercise. It only took me 10 years to get my BFF to quit laughing at me and give it a whirl (she’s hooked).
  6. P90X alongside my husband
    Mmmmhmmm, that’s right. Ms. Infomercial Cynic must admit it: P90X rocks. My husband, who had 6 months of fitness under his belt, decided to give it a whirl, and I’m here to tell you that he’s a changed man.  Heed the warnings, though, the program isn’t for newbies. It’s also not for people who gave up cursing as a New Year’s resolution.
  7. Burned the baggies of leftover holiday goodies.
    I’m a sugar freak. I admit it. So on January 4, I emptied out the containers of those delightful crunchy, sticky, sweet snacks.  I’m still recovering from the pain of it.
  8. Squatting properly.
    In this case, I don’t mean a weightlifter’s squat (although proper execution of that is keenly important). I’m talking about everyday care and loving of your back. Mayo Clinic has a handy how-to for proper bending and lifting.
  9. Clinching when I drive.
    Instead of clinching my teeth or the steering wheel, I pump up the tunes and do isometric moves while I’m in the car. You’d be amazed at how many small, controlled moves you can do with your glutes and abs.
  10. Stretching – a lot.
    I envy Dara Torres for a whole bevy of reasons but mostly because she keeps a trainer on staff purely to keep her stretched and limber. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to be a wannabe Gumby.

Leave me a comment so that I can be sure to let you know if and when my YouTube  exercise video clip airs.  Here’s to Lady Lucky and properly-fitting workout pants!

Photo used under the licensing agreement of Stock.xchng.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways I’m Getting Fit After the Holidays

  1. Good for you Kelli

    I’ve to say I’m so thankful
    I can walk again. I’ve gone
    from not walking to walking
    4 miles 5 days a week. Been
    a long haul for me after a knee
    operations and 6 months of PT.

    I’ve cut my sugar down to 1 teaspoon
    in my tea. I’ve 1 soda a week that’s my
    teat. Drink plenty of water and more fruits
    and veggies.

    Because of this I’ve gotten where i don’t need
    high blood pressure mediation. Plus in 2 years
    I’ve lost a total of 36. I was 167 and down to 131
    now and a size 10 pants. Now to be able to run again.

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