Should you be a Com, Net, Org or Me?

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A flash of creative entrepreneurial brilliance nearly knocked me off my feet this morning, resulting in a rush to to search for a matching URL. I could have gnawed my nails off in anticipation as GoDaddy’s database churned through 110,173,702* active domain names (I know, because I’m a freak).

Yeah, baby! That sweet, magical word “Available!” appeared before my eyes, and I nearly wet myself.

(Author’s note: this story is part True Confession, part Business, and if you’ve ever tried to buy a domain name, you know it’ll make you more jumpy then a spot at the big wheel on The Price is Right.  Give me the latitude to reference a biological function this once).

Looking over my shoulder, as if some cyber-criminal might be ready to steal my domain name masterpiece, I clicked “Add to Cart” with credit card in hand.

“That’s a nice .com you’ve got there, but wouldn’t you like to have that URL in all of theeeeeese other flavors?

GoDaddy, ever the crafty purveyor of internet possibilities, stopped me long enough to ask, “That’s a nice .com you’ve got there, but wouldn’t you like to have that URL in all of theeeeeese other flavors? .net, .info, .org, .mobi, .me and .us” (Yes, I swear that’s what I think it said).

Here’s a little about me: I am a spontaneous, high energy, go-get-em type of person. I’m decisive when I want to be, and (above all) I’m curious.  I’d say I’m four parts curious to one part decisive (a trait my husband swears I concealed from him before marriage).

This morning, I REALLY wanted to be decisive…until GoDaddy started to upsell me. I made the mistake of reading ‘why you need multiple domains‘ which triggered a whole cascade of curious questions about a topic that I rarely discuss before 3 pm: Top Level Domain.

I set out to find new research on the relative credibility of a .com domain name versus its .net sibling or its .org cousin. Mind you, I did this while refreshing my GoDaddy shopping cart to make sure my wee little domain creation was still safe within reach.

As I do with any unsolved mystery, I took the TLD question to Twitter. Leave it to my Twitter friends to both pitch in (thanks @leegientke) and ask to see the answers once I finished my homework ( love ya, @brianspaeth). In the end, I found the information by puting on my super-sleuth suit (can you say that 10 times fast?) and digging for it.

Here is a little of what I found, in case you’re  sidetracked by whether you’re best suited to be a .com or a .me too (pun intended). As for which one you should be, I can’t give you that answer. It’s a decision for you to make based on your strategy. Besides, I still need to finish my transaction on GoDaddy.

*Another 366,837,981 domain names are expired. Get more internet statistics including a daily count of new domain name registrations at

9 thoughts on “Should you be a Com, Net, Org or Me?

  1. I wonder where this will go – I mean, I like “know” the internet culture, and I still kinda frown on .biz and stuff. I wonder if people who don’t know it at all are scared of anything not .com?

  2. I get those flashes of brilliance all the time. I will always buy the .com first and then if available, the .net. The others I just disregard because they are so heavily discounted by either consumers or the search engines (.info comes to mind). This guideline is broken if your organization is a non profit. In the minds of most consumers, .org is a npo…

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