Blogging Workload: a Poll

If you are a leader, then you ought to be blogging.”~Hugh Hewitt,
author of Blog, Understanding the Information Reformation

That sounds good (and it’s true), but how much time does it really take to write a single blog article? I’m guessing that most people underestimate what it takes.

Weigh in on how much time it takes you to write any given article!

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Workload: a Poll

  1. After a recent post, i would have to say that if you have the time to spend 2-5 hours on a post, it is probably better but can depend on deadlines and expected traffic/readers.

    If you plan on getting a decent number of readers and quality comments I think you need to spend more time on background research.

  2. Great question, i would have thought most people would be spending less than 2 hours on a blog post. I guess it comes down to if you have a topic in mind before you start the post. It can also help if you have some fresh content and unique view on the topic.

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