Finance Meets Social Media

Fellow marketers may call it sick, twisted or just slightly left-of-center, but I have a fascination with finance folks and CFOs.  Thanks to Twitter and a cool cat named Ken Kaufman, I can now climb right into the left brain of dozens of CFOs.  Ken maintains a list of follow-worthy CFOs who are on Twitter.

Mine is a love-hate fascination with finance people. On a good day, I love their dry wit, the rulers they brandish, and the way they think in numbers instead of words.  Of course, at month-end, it’s a different story.  Hey, I’m human.

Trust me, I’ve asked myself why I am who I am (it’s far too deep and Oprah-worthy). But I did come up with 5 things that are actually relevant to why you should follow a few CFOs too.

5 Reasons to Follow CFOs on Twitter

  1. Be a fly on the wall.
    Social CFOs are using tweets, blog links and article mentions that provide unprecedented transparency to what’s on their minds (and reading lists).  CFOs on Twitter
  2. Expand your finance vocabulary.
    Even if you have no idea how to use some of those terms in a sentence, regularly feed yourself new concepts.
  3. Get a second (or third opinion).
    Just between us, I understand your hesitation to look anything but whip-smart in front of your CFO. Therein lies the beauty of Twitter’s social nature.  Don’t just lurk; — use Twitter to exchange ideas; ask questions; and connect with the CFOs you follow.
  4. Increase your value to the company.
    If you haven’t scoured your soul for ways to help your company’s financial well-being, please accept my swift kick in the booty.  Ditch the mentality that the balance sheet is the CFO’s problem not yours.  Use Twitter to find new ways to help your company innovate.
  5. CFOs are human too.
    In fact, they are funny, dynamic, and bigger risk-takers than you might think. Check out the profiles of these CFOs who tweet. You may find you have more in common with them than you think.

3 thoughts on “Finance Meets Social Media

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