5 Things Keeping Your CFO Up at Night

I’m not sure who sleeps less these days — the CFO who is micro-managing cash flow for survival or the CMO whose role, let alone budget, is discretionary. Regardless of what marketing role you play, you need to understand the mission-critical metrics that your CFO is watching.   

Below are 5 questions your owner(s), bank, or board members expect your CFO to answer.   Read the full article, 5 Quick Questions for your CFO, at the BoardSource website.   

  1. Are our cash equivalents truly liquid?
  2. How many days in cash do we have?
  3. What’s our current ratio?
  4. What’s the status of our line of credit?
  5. Are we going to make a profit this year?

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Keeping Your CFO Up at Night

  1. Great post on some of the most pressing issues on the mind of the CFO. The CMO and CFO have such interesting roles in an organization, and sometimes they can disagree strongly with one another. When they work well together, a powerful synergy follows. When the COO is also in sync, you get a powerful executive team under the leadership of the CEO.

    I appreciate following you on Twitter. All the best!

    • Ken, I’d like to continue writing on the subject of the marketing-finance dynamic. It’s especially valuable for people who land in marketing roles but have no formal background in finance/accounting practices as it relates to marketing efforts. Feel free to voice your opinions!

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