What to do before you’re fired

I’m not a fear monger by nature and I’m, as a rule, disgusted by mass hysteria and irrational thinking.  But in the 30 days since losing my own corporate job, I’ve changed my tune just a teensy bit. There’s no need to panic or get paranoid, but now IS the time to be prepared for a layoff — professionally, mentally, and financially.  

Here is some great advice for things that you should do now, before you lose your job.  It’s straight from Money’s blog, Get Rich Slowly. What’s the worst that can happen?  You’ll have things in order and come out of it more self-aware. Look on the bright side, if you get even a few of these things done, you can knock out your New Year’s Resolutions in advance.

10 Essential Steps to Take BEFORE You’re Laid Off  

  1. Update your skills. 
  2. Reduce your household burn rate. 
  3. Start a blog that contains at least 50% professional material. 
  4. Expand your physical network. 
  5. Update your LinkedIn profile. 
  6. Expand your virtual network via LinkedIn
  7. Start exercising. 
  8. Learn to use social media effectively. 
  9. Do extracurricular work that showcases your abilities. 
  10. Avoid being laid off in the first place. 

(This 10-item list is just the teaser. Make sure you see the full post on Get Rich Slowly which was written by Kevin Merritt, founder and CEO of blist, a web-based list-sharing and database application.)

So, What To Do if You’re Laid Off? Check out this sensible advice, also from Money Magazine’s blog, Get Rich Slowly.

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