Has HR blown your brand to bits?

Attention business owners, presidents and marketing folks: when’s the last time you compared your company’s recruiting and interviewing process to your brand promise?  

If the answer starts with the letter “N” (as in never, not for a long time, not sure I ever thought about it) then I suggest you take a hard look.  

Everyone involved in your HR process has the power to build up or bruise your brand reputation. 

Engage your HR team so that every touch point in their process clearly reinforces what your brand promise stands for.  Job hunters are among the most fervant viral marketers in circulation, so it is worth your time to align the efforts of HR and Marketing.  Start with this 5-Point Checklist.

The HR Brand Equity Checklist

  1. A clear, compelling (and accurate)  description of the employment experience at your company. This one might be a bit fluffy-sounding if you’re a left-brainer, but don’t shrug this one off.  Your HR team is selling a vision.  A reason for jumping out of bed in the morning.  They are selling a reason to work late when it’s necessary and do what it takes to help you reach your corporate goals.  But that requires buy-in, and buy-in requires a vision of what it’s like to work for you.   
  2. Your market reputation. Oh yeah, you have one, and it’s fed by past and present employees, vendors, and customers, to name a few. This is a key factor in your ability to attract A-level talent and close the deal, so to speak.  Here’s a great read about Online Employer Reputation Monitoring.
  3. Website career section. 
    • Can candidates go “old school” and submit their resume without laboring through an application portal?
    • Do you demonstrate accessibility by providing contact information directly into your HR team?
  4. The Candidate Big Show. Do candidates leave an interview chomping at the bit to join your company? Chances are, if you wing any part of this process, you’re underwhelming people.  This one takes discipline, enthusiasm, and respect for the process, more from managers than your HR team. Map out every step of the process, from how candidates are greeted to the corporate materials you provide them.  
  5. Social recruiting strategy.  Social networking technology isn’t just for PR folks and software people.  Tools such as Twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, and dozens more are changing the way people network, job hunt and (yes) recruit hot talent.  Start small by getting educated. The folks behind the EXCELER8ion blog have this to say about social recruiting.    

This is hardly an all-inclusive list, nor is it written in order of importance.  What have I missed?  Please let me know, so that I can share it!

One thought on “Has HR blown your brand to bits?

  1. Make it clear that this is for HR to do, marketing says yes this should be done and has those OMG moments but they are trying to make sales happy, which in return makes everyone else happy -which leads to $.
    Sometimes talent does not = $ just more overhead.

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